installfont v1.7 auf CTAN verfügbar

Mittlerweile ist die neue Version v1.7 von installfont auf CTAN verfügbar. Hier ein Auszug aus der README :

With this script (installfont for MiKTeX; installfont-tl for TeXLive), you can install a LaTeX font family (Postscript Type1, Truetype, Opentype). It supports font series from light to ultra bold + (faked) small caps + faked slanted, but no expert fonts. The script will rename the fonts automatically (optinal) or will otherwise expect *.afm files and the font files (in Postscript Type1 format!) named in the Karl Berry scheme (e.g. 5nar8a.pfb). After running the script, you should have a working font installation in your local TeX tree.

For this month’s (07/2013) free font on, simply run

installfont-tl -t otf -f 6sf -n 'Softmaker Stafford Serial'-c Stafford -P SMFF@Ssf -p stafford -m stafford -O -d 2013/07/15-v v1.0 -s softmakerfreefont/Stafford

to create and install support files for the usage of Softmaker Stafford Serial from light to ultra bold font series.

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