Hier gibt es einige Informationen zu meinen Paketen auf CTAN

[toggle title=”pdfcomment.sty”]For a long time pdfLaTeX has of­fered the com­mand pdfan­not for in­sert­ing ar­bi­trary PDF an­no­ta­tions. How­ever, the com­mand is pre­sented in a form where ad­di­tional knowl­edge of the def­i­ni­tion of the PDF for­mat is in­dis­pens­able. This pack­age is an an­swer to the – oc­ca­sional – ques­tions in news­groups, about how one could use the com­ment func­tion of Adobe Reader. At least for the writer of LaTeX code, the pack­age of­fers a con­ve­nient and user-friendly means of us­ing pdfan­not to pro­vide com­ments in PDF files.
Since ver­sion v1.1, pdf­com­ment.sty also sup­ports LaTeX → dvips → ps2pdf, LaTeX → dvipdfmx, and X∃LaTeX.
Un­for­tu­nately, sup­port of PDF an­no­ta­tions by PDF view­ers is sparse to nonex­is­tent. The ref­er­ence viewer for the de­vel­op­ment of this pack­age is Adobe Reader.

[toggle title=”logicpuzzle bundle”]The pack­age al­lows the user to type­set var­i­ous logic puz­zles. For a list of currently supported puzzles, please take a look at the CTAN page.

[toggle title=”getmap.sty”]The goal of this package is the simplest possible provision of
map images (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and Google Street View
are supported). In the simplest case, the specification of an
address is sufficient. The package loads the map using the
\write18 feature, which you must activate to use this package.
The image will be downloaded by an external Lua script. You can
use this script also from the command line.

[toggle title=”dvdcoll.cls”]Hav­ing lost the overview of my DVD archives, I sim­ply could not re­mem­ber if I al­ready recorded the doc­u­men­tary run­ning on TV that day. I chose to recre­ate the in­dex us­ing LaTeX: the de­sign aim was a hy­per­linked and fully search­able PDF-doc­u­ment, list­ing my DVDs with all ti­tles, lengths and so on. Fur­ther re­quire­ments were sup­port for sea­sons of tv se­ries and a list with all faulty or miss­ing pro­grams for rere­cord­ing. The dvd­coll class sup­ports all these re­quire­ments.
dvd­coll.cls fol­lows the struc­ture num­ber ti­tle length . As a re­sult, the class is not lim­ited to DVDs—you can of course type­set archives of CD-ROMs, Au­dio-CDs and so on.
Sup­ported lan­guages at the mo­ment: English, French, Ger­man, Ital­ian, Pol­ish, Por­tuguese, Span­ish. Some help is needed for other lan­guages!

[toggle title=”installfont”]With this script you can in­stall a LaTeX font fam­ily (PostScript Type 1, TrueType and OpenType for­mats are sup­ported). Font se­ries from light to ul­tra bold, and (faked) small caps and (faked) slanted shapes are sup­ported, but not ex­pert fonts.
The script will re­name the fonts au­to­mat­i­cally (op­tional) or will oth­er­wise ex­pect the *.afm files and the font files (in PostScript Type1 for­mat) named in the Karl Berry scheme (e.g. 5bbr8a.pfb). After run­ning the script, you should have a work­ing font in­stal­la­tion in your lo­cal TeX tree.

[toggle title=”miktex_update”]The mik­tex_up­date script of­fers au­to­matic up­dat­ing and in­stalling of new pack­ages of an ex­ist­ing MiKTeX in­stal­la­tion. It sup­ports di­rect con­nec­tion with on­line repos­i­to­ries of the MiKTeX server net­work, as well as syn­chro­niz­ing a lo­cal repos­i­tory (CTAN) with fol­low­ing up­date. In the end you should have an up-to-date and com­plete MiKTeX in­stal­la­tion.


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